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Here are 5 tips for those who would like to feel better, beautiful and confident with their look. 

Everyone has a personal style according to their personality. I believe looking chic and stylish, it all depends on the little things about an outfit…how you style it, how you wear it, what you add to an outfit to make it look different, how you make a basic outfit look little less basic. 

However, looking chic does not mean wearing a trendy, expensive and fancy outfit.


Self-awareness is the major tip to look more chic.
Self-awareness is the first tip to look more chic
  • As I said above, style is not about dressing better or worse.
  • It’s all about reflecting what you know about Yourself.
  • Understanding your physique type is essential when creating your look.
  • If we know more about our likes and dislikes, then it will be easier for us to fix what we see as our flaws or imperfections.

Selection of clothes

Selection of clothes is the second tip to look more chic.
Selection of clothes is the second tip to look more chic
  • Always buy or invest in clothes that never go out of fashion.
  • Don’t go after the latest trends as it’s just wastage of money.
  • Most importantly, choose clothes according to your comfort.
  • You must keep in mind what you already own before buying new clothes.

Styling the clothes 

Styling the clothes to look more chic.
Styling the clothes is the third tip to look more chic
  • Always remember the occasion before putting on an outfit.
  • Be comfortable and confident about what you are wearing.
  • Add extra layers to your clothes for creating a more classy look.
  • Another most important way to look chic is a clean and decent appearance.

Set in advance

Setting up in advance is the one of the important ways to look more chic.
Setting up in advance is the fourth tip to look more chic
  • Plan your outfit in advance so that you don’t mess it all up in the morning.
  • In mornings you’re in a rush, you never really have the time to pick out an outfit or put something together or try multiple outfits on. 
  • So spend 5-10 minutes the night before to assemble what you want to wear the next day.
  • It will ensure that you never have an awful situation of just throwing on something randomly and regretting it later.

Organising the closet

Organising the closet.
Organising the closet is the fifth tip to look more chic
  •  You must clean your closet and organise it once a week.
  • It will automatically help you getting ready in the morning easily and quickly. 
  • Make different sections in the closet and keep formal, casual, party-wear and different types of clothes according to the occasion.
  • So you don’t have to search here and there for your clothes at the last moment.

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