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Justin Bieber is back with a brand new album 'Changes'

It all started back at the end of 2019 when Justin Bieber started sharing hashtag #Bieber2020 on his Instagram.

On December 24, he shared some more photos on Instagram with a caption ‘#Bieber2020 super-trailer on YouTube now’ revealing his comeback in the industry. It contained details regarding his new song named ‘Yummy, new album, new tour and a brand new docu-series.

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#BIEBER2020 super-trailer on youtube now

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After 6 days, YouTube released a trailer of his new documentary series named ‘Seasons’. It was also revealed that the series will be premiered at the end of January.

Then finally, on January 27, 2020, the series premiered with the first four episodes on YouTube.The long-awaited series 'Justin Bieber: Seasons' contains a total of ten episodes, each of around 10 minutes.

All the details and disclosure from episode 1 to episode 4 is given below:

Episode 1 – Leaving the Spotlight

  • The episode started with a brief intro from Justin.
  • After that, “May 2019” appears on the screen, “9 months until album release” these words were also written underneath it.
  • The fifth studio album is releasing after his four years break.
  • It is also shown that his Coachella performance was a big step which encouraged him to get back to work.
  • “My life is changing a lot, getting married, getting back in the studio, talking about getting married. Just being creative with being in this new chapter. And being happy about what I’m doing and being in a good space; a better headspace,” says Justin.

Episode 2 – Bieber is Back

  • This episode is particularly based on Justin experimenting with music on his own.
  • Scooter Braun said that he was not involved in this album as much as he was in earlier albums of Justin.
  • “But really from 'Journals' on, his process usually begins with him just experimenting for a solid six months before we even talk one song,” Scooter said.
  • Besides that, Hailey entirely supported Justin by being with him for most time in the studio until he finished the whole album.
  • She said she really enjoyed the energy that goes into making music.

Episode 3 – Making Magic

  • Justin has dedicated this episode to his inner circle.
  • He still makes music with longtime producer & engineer Josh Gudin and songwriter Poo Bear.
  • “I think he knows me, and he knows what I’m going through and sees my journey. He’s got a mind like no other, and he helps me articulate what I want to say better than anybody. I think we’re each other’s spirit animals,” he said about Poo Bear.
  • For the first time, a song called ‘Habitual’ was also previewed in this episode, which Justin considers one of his favourite songs.

Episode 4 – Justin & Hailey

  • Justin primarily talks about Hailey in this episode. She has helped him in his album, she made his life better and she always appreciates what Justin loves.
  • Poo Bear also said, “We care about what Hailey thinks. Her opinion is overly valued.”
  • Everyone in Justin’s life appreciates Hailey for changing his life for good and loves her as much as Justin do.
  • “I know that someone is there with him if something goes wrong, there’s this very confident, capable, smart adult that is there to help him with it, and I also know that he’s much happier than the Justin Bieber five years ago,” said Allison Kaye.

After releasing four episodes of the docu-series, On January 28, Justin further announced that his album ‘Changes’ will be out on February 14.

Justin Bieber also released the tracklist of his new album with an Instagram filter. All thanks to the Beliebers who already figured it all out and also tweeted a list all the tracks.

Check all the 17 tracks of 'Changes' below:

  • All Around Me
  • Habitual
  • Come Around Me
  • Intentions (ft. Quavo)
  • Yummy
  • Available
  • Forever (ft. Post Malone & Clever)
  • Running Over (ft. Lil Dicky)
  • Take It Out On Me
  • Second Emotion (ft. Travis Scott)
  • Get Me (ft. Kehlani)
  • ETA
  • Changes
  • Confirmation
  • That’s What Love Is
  • At Least For Now
  • Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)


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